In honor of Father’s day this month, let’s talk about a couple’s ability to conceive, specifically how acupuncture can help the male reproductive system function at an optimum level.

1)   Qi movement. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (or TCM) Qi (pronounced “chee”) is the circulating energetic force whose properties carry life and nourishment throughout the body. Qi regulates the mental and physical body. Every person and living organism has Qi moving throughout the body, and ideally without obstruction. When the Qi is disrupted or blocked due to poor health or other circumstances, then disease may occur. Regular acupuncture treatments help to keep the normal flow of Qi moving and unblocked. A healthy flow of Qi increases a couple’s chances of conceiving.

2)   Blood Flow Stimulation: The insertion of acupuncture needles has been proven to stimulate blood flow, which works to improve male infertility. And specifically, regular acupuncture treatments can increase blood flow to the testicular arteries. The testicles need blood to provide nutrients, remove waste products and keep the area cool. Excess waste products can damage sperm while they mature in the testicles. Stagnation of blood in the scrotum can increase testicular temperatures, which can be very detrimental to forming sperm. By increasing blood flow to and from this area, nutrients are brought in and waste is removed, which will contribute to healthier sperm.

3)         Hormone Regulation: Another way acupuncture can help with male infertility is in the area of hormone regulation. Just like with females, hormones play a big role in whether or not a baby can be conceived and produced. In males, the balance of hormones between the hypothalamus, pituitary and reproductive glands is extremely important when it comes to healthy sperm and fertility. Many of the commonly used fertility drugs are not as effective on male hormones and more importantly, these drugs have not been approved for use in the treatment of male infertility. However, acupuncture and herbs have been shown to balance hormones, which ultimately increases the probability of healthy sperm and fertilization of the egg.

4)   Stress Reduction: Regular acupuncture treatments are also beneficial at reducing stress levels. When the body is stressed, it doesn’t function properly. Stress can increase cortisol hormone levels in the body, which then disrupts the balance of other hormones. As mentioned above, when hormones are out of balance, then the chances are higher that male infertility may be a factor. Thus, getting consistent acupuncture treatments can decrease stress and allow the body to function properly.

Studies show acupuncture can increase fertility and allow couples to conceive more frequently. If you are experiencing fertility problems, acupuncture may hold the answer. Ask me today if you would like more information.